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Tzedakah (Charitable Giving)

According to Jewish tradition, tzedakah, or charitable giving (often translated as “righteousness”), is part of our obligation to help repair the world. By making financial or material donations to appropriate agencies, we can assist the hungry, the homeless, the oppressed, and others who are struggling. It is our responsibility to make such donations, and it is our honor to do so. Even the poor are compelled to contribute toward the greater good.


Beth Tikvah Congregation is a wonderful community to spend an evening. A very special evening is coming up sooner than you think.

The Annual Fundraiser will be held at Beth Tikvah on April 21, 2018.

The Ways and Means Committee would like to invite all interested persons to attend our first meeting on Thursday, October 19, 7:00 pm in the Beth Tikvah Chaveyron. Please consider attending our first meeting to ensure that this year's event is just as exciting and beautiful as years past.

If Interested, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Volunteers Needed

In addition to giving your time to our community, there are many ways to support the Beth Tikvah community financially.


The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. oversees all temple fundrasing, including our Annual Fundraiser and group-specific fundraisers, as well as Ways & Means, Enrichment Funds, and Wills & Bequests.


Ways & Means

lori trachtenbergbonnie vozar

The Ways and Means Chairs are tasked with meeting the fundraising budget for the temple. Meeting this budget is critical in supplementing dues and other contributions to support the programming, building and staff that make Beth Tikvah Congregation the vital place we love. 


Honor Roll

steve kleinman

Honor Roll is a way to recognize those temple members who have made a regular commitment to support the congregation by paying over and above the required dues expected by thier membership category. There is no single dues rate that works for all members, and our ability to provide additional support to members in finanical need requires us to seek additional assistance from others who are more financially fortunate. The Honor Roll Chair helps to idenify those members in financial need, and requires us to seek additional assistance from others who are more financially fortunate. The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. helps to identify those families whose generosity and additional commitment allow deeper support of the temple and its activities.

Enrichment Funds

jeff bakal

Beth Tikvah is fortunate to have generous members and friends who have helped to establish funds for the ongoing support and vibrancy of Temple activities. These funds enable the congregation to pursue special projects and activities beyond those that would be possible simply with our membership dues. Donations to celebrate happy occasions, to honor the memory of someone, to commemorate important events or to share one’s blessings with others are always welcome.

Beth Tikvah Congregation benefits from Enrichment Funds that enhance the vibrancy of temple life. In keeping with Jewish traditions and values, please consider donations to these funds to honor or memorialize special people, to celebrate important events or to otherwise support the Beth Tikvah community. For more details on each of these funds, please consult the Temple Policy Manual.

Below is a complete list of all of our Funds and their intended purposes. To make a donation to any of these funds, download the Enrichment Funds Brochure, see below, and/or email our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Will or Bequests

terrie odayBeth Tikvah Congregation is deeply appreciative of our congregants’ willingness to consider providing bequests to the congregation to support our critical work.

Bequests are critically important as they provide a source of support that is not subject to fluctuations in the economy. They come from individual members whose loyalty to Beth Tikvah Congregation runs very deep.

These bequests can take several forms:

  • A fixed amount of money or property
  • A percentage of an estate
  • A residual bequest

For more information, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of Beth Tikvah Congregation.

Charity is equal in importance to all the other commandments combined.

- Babylonian Talmud

Honor Roll - June 2017

Society of Honor

  • Jeff & Deb Bakal
Marc Chason
Randy & Ilene Kettering

  • Bonnie Vozar


  • Hollie & Russell Yanaga

Patron Golden Family

  • Ron & Micki Coppel

  • Marc & Andrea Friedman

  • Dave & Marsha Mahoney
Howard & Carol Meyer

  • Harvey & Darlene Pokorny

  • Steve & Sue Schwartz 

Patron Single Golden

  • Norman Kaplan
  • Solomon Secemsky


  • Jeff & Pam Altman

  • Steve & Yota Kleinman
Joel Meyer

  • Mark & Ruth Schlossberg

Contributing Regular Single

  • Lesley Hollenberg

Contributing Golden Family

  • Loren & Patricia Golden
Ira & Gayle Kopin

Contributing Golden Single

  • Bette Solomon


  • Mark & Sarah Mandel

  • Steve & Amy Schlesinger 

Sustaining Golden Family

  • Bruce & Gayle Cohen

  • Anita & Julian Lawitz

  • Jeff & Sharon Prosansky

  • Alice & Elliott Rosenberg

  • Beth & Mark Shoub 

Regular Supporting Family

  • Barry & Claudia Altshuler
Carsten & Anne Gruettner

  • Robert & Shannon Kaplan

  • Sam & Laury Kossoff

  • Mike & Sheri McGinnis

  • Russell & Juliet Shavitz

  • Steve & Kelly Winner

Regular Single Supporting

  • Vicki Lachmann

  • Joel Sacks

Supporting Golden Family

  • Bob & Myrna Frankel

  • Steve & Lorrie Galek
  • Al & Naomi Lee

  • Michael & Ruth Minkoff

  • Vic & Eileen Schur

Single Supporting Golden

  • Mary Belovicz

  • Leora Mager

  • Dick Parks

  • Steve Pill

  • Howard Washer

Life Cycle Event Funds

House of Hope Operating Fund

For unrestricted temple donations or to publish a public acknowledgement such as a thank you note, in the Beth Tikvah newsletterThe Tikvahite. No minimum is required; however, a donation of $18 (Chai) or more is suggested.

Tree Of Life Sculpture

The Tree of Life sculpture, which is displayed in the front foyer, was created for celebrating joyful events, e.g. births, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, etc. For more information on purchasing an inscribed leaf ($136 donation) see the special Tree of Life brochure.

Yahrzeit Plaque Fund

To honor the memory of a loved one, memorial plaques are available for a $600 donation. Each year at Yom Kippur, and on the anniversary of the Yahrzeit, the light adjoining the plaque is illuminated as a memorial.

OSRUI Camp Scholarship Funds

Hillel Gamoran Campership Fund

To honor Rabbi Emeritus Hillel Gamoran for his 34 years of service to Beth Tikvah. For Beth Tikvah Religious School students completing 8th grade...

Ahava Campership Fund

To honor Dolly and Merwyn Dan, the parents of Margie and Earl Stone. For Beth Tikvah children to attend Chalutzim and other need-based camperships.

Louis and Irma Robinson Camp Scholarship Fund

Established in memory of their parents by Carol and Debra Robinson and their families to provide financial assistance to Beth Tikvah children to attend OSRUI.

Funds for Education

Religious Education Fund

To enhance Beth Tikvah’s Religious School programs and to develop supplemental educational programs.

Early Childhood Center (ECC) Sustaining Fund

To help support the Early Childhood Center.

Michael Shai Siver ECC Scholarship Fund

To assist eligible families with children in the ECC program. 

Funds for Temple Upkeep

Chai Fund

To provide major maintenance as well as capital improvements. Members make donations to this fund annually with thieri annual membership payments.

Future is Now Fund

To provide for building expansion, building replacement or mortgage management. Members make pledges to this fund when they join the congregation.

Green Technology Fund

To support the environmentally friendly efforts of the congregation.

Torah Repair Fund

To maintain, repair and acquire Torahs.

How to Make Donations

For most donations, please download the Enrichment Funds Brochure and complete the included form.

For donations to the Tree of Life Fund, the Yahrzeit Plaque Fund, the Chair Fund, the Future is Now Fund and the Endowment Fund please contact the Temple office.

*For acknowledgements in library book plates, please refer to the Library Brochure.

Funds to Enhance Beth Tikvah Community Life

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund & Cantor’s Discretionary Fund

Donations are made to these funds to thank the Rabbi and Cantor for their efforts in performance of clergy duties. These funds help support their work and activities with Beth Tikvah.

Brottman Ark Fund

To maintain and transport the Brottman Ark.

Max & ElaineHanok Inter-Congregational Fund

To honor the memory of Max and Elaine Hanok and to promote interfaith harmony and unity through inter-congregational understanding.

Judaica Fund

To purchase or maintain Jewish ceremonial objects or artwork for display and use.

Susan Lynn Krupp Fund

To honor the memory of Susan Lynn Krupp, daughter of a long time member family, and provide funding in consultation with thw Krupp family.

Library Fund

For the purchase of Judaic material, e.g. adult and children’s books, audio CDs, videos, and more. For more information see the Library Fund brochure.

Landscaping Fund

To enhance the Temple grounds.

Social Action Fund

To support various social action programs.

David C. Tandy Memorial Cultural Arts Fund

To honor the memory of David C. Tandy, a past President of Beth Tikvah. This fund supports Beth Tikvah cultural arts programs.