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ECC Welcome

ellyn weiszWelcome to the Beth Tikvah Congregation Early Childhood Center (ECC). Here your child will be part of a warm, nurturing, supportive and inclusive environment. Our children are provided opportunities to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and cognitively. Our day is balanced between structured learning time, and unstructured exploration time. We promote our children's self image and follow a Reggio inspired curriculum that allows children to construct knowledge, and feel they have ownership in learning by doing.

Read more about our curriculum, teachers, and student community.

Early Childhood Center (ECC)


ECC Chanukah Dinner

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Chanukah with over 80 people at our ECC dinner.

Many ECC families, grandparents, and a great grandfather participated. Board members and alumni ECC families joined in the fun too.

With a group candle lighting, a delicious potluck dinner, and a sing along, it was a great night.

ECC Chanukah DinnerECC Chanukah Dinner

ECC Chanukah DinnerECC Chanukah Dinner

ECC Chanukah Dinner ECC Chanukah Dinner ECC Chanukah Dinner ECC Chanukah Dinner

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Shabbat in the ECC

Shabbat in the ECCShabbat in the ECC

This is how Shabbat is celebrated in the ECC. We would love to have your child celebrate Shabbat in the ECC too! Let them light the candles, sing the kiddush and say the hamotzi with us.

Shabbat in the ECCShabbat in the ECCShabbat in the ECC

We sing, dance and join the Rabbi for Shabbat on the Bima once a month. Shabbat is a wonderful time in the ECC.

Shabbat in the ECCShabbat in the ECC

Ellyn Weisz
ECC Director

Categories: Early Childhood Center (ECC)

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Reasons to Visit ECC

Preschool kids
  • We work together to help the children be competent and compassionate, and instill in them a love of learning.
  • We nurture Jewish identity and foster lasting relationships in a warm, caring and intimate environment.
  • We provide a well-balanced program blending social and cognitive, creative and structured individual and group activities.
  • Children are encouraged to be curious, creative and explore freely, as they master new concepts geared to their developmental level.
  • Your child is prepared with readiness building skills for future learning.
  • Parent participation and involvement is enouraged and welcomed.

ECC Director, Ellyn Weisz

ellyn weisz

ECC Parent Committee
Katy Lesht & Christy Bobroff
katy leshtchristy bobroff

Come bring your child to experience a community of learning

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6-months to 4-years!

  • 6-24 Months (Parent/Infant class)
  • 2-Year-Olds
  • 3-Year-Olds
  • 4-Year-Olds


We are delighted to announce that Beth Tikvah Congregation's Early Childhood Center has been selected to participate in the Chicago Early Engagement Leadership Initiative (CEELI) cohort. CEELI is a pilot program that will seek to engage young families through curriculum excellence, experiential Jewish learning and meaningful relationships.

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