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OSRUI Summer Camp



"For those of you that are not aware, URJ Camp Newman, sometimes called "The OSRUI" of Northern California has been almost completely devastated by the recent wildfires there."

Here is the Oct 13, 2017 story from Bradley Egel, Beth Tikavh's Youth Chair

Every time I return to URJ Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute OSRUI, I say that I am going to my "home away from home."

Tonight, Jody Egel, Sam, Hannah & Byron along with all of NFTY-CAR | NFTY Chicago Area Region will be returning to our home away from home for NFTY CAR FALL KALLAH.

As my thoughts turn to the joys of celebrating shabbat with Stacey Hadesman Lysoivanov, our 12 BeTTYites, and the dozens of NFTYites and Staff from across the region, my heart is heavy.

OSRUI, and camp in general, is not just a place where memories are made. Certainly this is the case. I have memories of being a camper in the 1980's and 1990's. I have memories of being a staff member in the early 1990's. I have memories of being a songleader. I have memories of my own CFTY Shabbat weekends from High School. I have memories of staffing dozens of retreats and shabbatons over the years for synagogues and NFTY. I have memories of dropping my own children at camp and picking them up to continue the tradition of making camp memories. While all of these memories are in my head, they are undoubtedly connected to the physical space that OSRUI occupies and the tangible items that reside there. The buildings where I first started playing guitar. The tree where I had my first meaningful kiss. The paths I walked with my friends on Shabbat. Every building at OSRUI is connected in some way physically to my emotional memories.

Having said all of that, for those of you that are not aware, URJ Camp Newman, sometimes called "The OSRUI" of Northern California has been almost completely devastated by the recent wildfires there. I have no doubt they will rebuild. I am tremendously thankful that all staff and campers are safe and nobody was lost at the camp itself. But the now only in peoples' memories. Even when they rebuild, the building where someone learned to play guitar won't be there, the tree where someone got their first meaningful kiss won't be there and the paths for walking on Shabbat are obscured by debris and soot.

I cannot imagine this happening to my beloved home away from home and send my deepest sympathy to all those who consider Camp Newman their home away from home. Please visit here to help

At the very least, think of your home away from home. Wherever it may be. Now imagine it gone. It is almost unthinkable for me to do so. This weekend I will appreciate being at camp...I always appreciate being at camp. But this weekend especially, I will have an even deeper appreciation knowing I still have the opportunity to connect with my past physically while others cannot. I won't just walk the paths of OSRUI this weekend...I will willfully and purposefully retrace my memorable steps on the camp grounds with the simple knowledge that the paths are still there for me to walk remember. I will be thinking of all of my friends I have met over the years that call Camp Newman their "home away from home."


Bradley Egel
Beth Tikvah Congregation, Board of Directors, Youth Chair

osrui friendsMany of our youth attend OSRUI Summer Camp. Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI) camp in Oconomowoc, WI. This special piece of geography with incredible summer and winter retreat memories for young and old, alike, provides a unique connection to friends, faith, and the greater Jewish community, at large. Some scholarships are available.


2014 OSRUI walk with Torah