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Marketing and Communications Committee

Our Purpose

The Marketing & Communications committee's goal is to enhance the promotion of Beth Tikvah Congregation to the outside community and to keep our current members informed about scheduled activities, and actively involved in our community. We work closely with all of our internal groups, organizations, and committees to ensure their events are well-publicized.

We promote and reach-out to congregants and the public in the following ways:

Our Marketing Process

Flyers are NOT necessary anymore!

  • We would prefer that the info be placed directly on the website and can be found there.
    • Sign-up forms should use Sign-up Genius.
    • RSVP and Order Forms should use an online Google Form
    • (We can guide you, or do these for you.)
  • Flyers should ONLY be made if:
    • You need a paper RSVP
    • You need to hand-out paper flyers at an event

Tools to Submit Your Event Details

  1. Decide how many weeks of Publicity your event needs.
  2. Choose an image for your event:
  3. Complete our online Event Details form
  4. IF NEEDED, here are our Flyer Templates
  5. We will contact you:
    • If we need more info from you
    • To let you know when your publicity will go out
    • When we have a draft of your web article, sign-up, form, or flyer
  6. We will automatically post to weekly newsletter, social media, videoboard and website.

JOIN our Team

The Marketing & Communications Committee needs YOU!

Please let us know if you are interested in helping with any of our various marketing media listed on the right. We are looking for a few good men and women!

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Marketing & Communications Vice-President Howard Washer

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Marketing Chair
Laura Shulman-Reitman
Laura Shulman-Reitman

Publicity and Public Relations
Rick Kahen
Rick Kahen

Website Services
Amy Novick
Amy Novick

Tikvahite Newsletter
Matt Hallaron
Matt Hallaron

Social Media
Lori Trachtenberg
Photo Services
Yuval Trachtenberg

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