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Ellyn Weisz, Director

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A Flurry of Activities

Stop in our classrooms and you will see a flurry of activities going on. While we are finishing up Pesach, our yeladim/children have been incredibly busy preparing for Pesach. For the past several weeks they have been learning about the history of Passover through songs, art, books and, most importantly, acting out the story of the Exodus. We know the story of Pharaoh and Moses, the 10 plagues, and we pretended to be frogs. Each plague was counted in Hebrew. The children learned and proudly led the Mah Nishtanah. We reenacted marching out of Egypt, making matzah and crossing the Sea of Reeds to freedom, to Israel.

Each year our yeladim learn more about the story and make beautiful Seder ritual items. Our youngest make place mats, afikoman hiders and flowers for the table. Our 3-year-olds make a fabric afikoman hider and matching matzah cover, kiddush cup and flower vase, while our PreK children make gorgeous matzah plates and matching seder plates, along with a salt water cup, tambourine and Miriam's Cup. They also grew their own parsley for dipping in saltwater. These are items that can be used and enjoyed for so many years to come. 

We had a delicious pot luck dinner, where everyone makes a Pesach dish to share. Our evening was multi-generational, with one family having four generations represented! Our mothers lit the holiday candles, our fathers led the Kiddush, and our grandparents opened the door for Eiliyahu. Rabbi Tachman led us in the Shehkiyanu, and all our children participated in looking for their own afikoman.

We had such a fabulous time. We all soaked in the warmth of children, happy conversations, and laughter; of being together and celebrating with our ECC community. Thank you to the Executive Board for stopping in to meet and welcome our families.

Pesach will have ended when you receive this, and we will have happily begun learning about Israel. Am Yisrael Chai, Happy birthday Israel!

Call me if you, too, would love to have your child, grandchild, relative or neighbor be a part of our ECC family. All are welcome!

Ellyn Weisz
ECC Director

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